Related posts plugin

There are loads and loads of related posts plugins with all sorts of features. After lots of testing, the one from Microkid is the one that I like the best.

Installation is simple as is selecting the actual related posts and pages:

You also have a variety of ways to select and display related posts and pages:

  • There is a widget you can use to add the related posts to your sidebar.
  • Adding the following code to your template:
    <?php MRP_show_related_posts(); ?>
  • Using the following  shortcode within posts and pages:
    [ related-posts ] (without the spaces)

To install from your dashboard plugin page, search for: “microkid related posts”.

Download the plugin from here:

The developers support page is here:

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Graham understood immediately what we needed doing and was able to make it work effortlessly. Great guy, excellent value and would recommend to anyone.


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